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Hoo daddy. 

The Sweet Boys have docked into port. What an amazing couple of days on the road with my boys Kevin White and Kevin Brody. So many good times, so many giggles, so many disgusting things said inside a Nissan Versa, so many dogs riding on the back of a motorcycle. Thank you to everyone who came out to the shows in Des Moines and Lawrence and spent their hardearned money so we can afford to drive around being stupid and eating like shit-goblins (Tacopocalypse 4 life). The crowds were a lot of fun, the venues were very cool to us and the towns we visited were both incredible and full of bong shops. Thank you to Dan Umthun, Rob Schulte and Peter Lyrene for putting those great shows together and being super professional and also super cool dudes. Thank you to all the very talented comics we shared the stage with for inviting us into your scene for a few hours. So much love to Brad Turk and Dan Schmidt for giving us places to crash and get drunk and snore and drool. Thank you to the girl I matched with on Tindr just so we could use her apartment to charge our phones, take naps and watch Trailer Park Boys. 

I rolled through five states in 2 days. I wanna eat some pizza and sleep. But I can’t. There’s work to do.

This video explains how I feel on the inside right now.

So much NOFX.

- Losso out.

P.S. Huge photo dump coming soon.